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Spanish sage (chia) seeds EKO PLANET, 1 kg

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The delicate taste of chia seeds from Spanish sage (lat. Salvia hispanica) can be added to any recipe without changing the taste.

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Code: EP-CHIA-1000


LT EKO-001
Non-EU Agriculture


Chia seeds are edible seeds that come from the plant Salvia hispanica, a member of the mint family. The plant is native to Central and South America and its seeds have been used as a staple food by the natives for centuries.

Chia seeds are well known for the nutrients they contain. The seeds are rich in dietary fiber, healthy fats (omega-3 fatty acids), rich in protein, antioxidants and various vitamins and minerals such as calcium, magnesium and phosphorus. They are also low in carbohydrates, making them suitable for low-carb dieters.

When exposed to liquid, chia seeds have the unique ability to absorb several times their weight in liquid and form a gel-like substance. Because of this property, they are used as a thickener in recipes and as an egg substitute in vegan baked goods. Some people also use chia seeds as a natural way to increase hydration, as the seeds can help retain water in the body.

Storage conditions: after opening, store in a sealed package, in a dry, cool place.

Important! The nutritional values or other information provided in the online store may differ from the information on the product packaging.

Manufacturer: UAB EKO PLANET, Lietuva.
Country of origin: non EU


Ingredients: Spanish sage (English chia, Latin Salvia hispanica) seeds.

Packaged in an environment that contains nuts, sesame seeds, soy and gluten products.

Nutritional value

Nutritional values per 100 g

Energy 1911 kJ/ 464 kcal
Fat 34 g
        - of which saturates      3.3 g
Carbohydrates  0.9 g
        - of which sugars 0.9 g
Fiber 38 g
Protein  20 g
Salt  <0.01 g
Thiamine (B1) 0.67 mg (61% RMV)
Calcium  606 mg (76% RMV)
Phosphorus 785 mg (112% RMV)
Magnesium 306 mg (82% RMV)
Iron 6.9 mg (49% RMV)
Zinc 4.4 mg (44% RMV)
Omega-3 22 g (from alpha linolenic acid)

RMV - reference nutritional value.


Chia seeds can be enjoyed in many ways:

Chia Pudding: This is by far the most popular way to eat these seeds. Chia seeds can be soaked in a liquid (such as cow's milk or plant-based milk) to create a pudding consistency. The resulting pudding can be flavored with sweeteners, fruits or spices.

Smoothies: Chia seeds can be added to fruit and vegetable smoothies for added nutritional value and a thicker texture.

Baked goods: Chia seeds can be used in baking as an egg substitute or as an ingredient in muffins, breads and other baked goods.

Toppings: Chia seeds can be sprinkled on yogurt, oatmeal, or cereal for a crunchy texture and nutrients.

Drinks: Chia seeds can be added to water or other drinks to create a refreshing and hydrating drink and to enrich the nutritional value of the drink.

It is important to note that although chia seeds have various health benefits, they should be consumed as part of a balanced diet and not as a main source of nutrition. As with any food, moderation is key. If you have any specific health problems or dietary restrictions, you should consult your healthcare professional before making any changes to your diet.

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Spanish sage (chia) seeds EKO PLANET, 1 kg

Spanish sage (chia) seeds EKO PLANET, 1 kg

The delicate taste of chia seeds from Spanish sage (lat. Salvia hispanica) can be added to any recipe without changing the taste.