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Rejuvenating Eye Cream GREEN PEOPLE, 10 ml

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An organic nourishing cream is rich in essential fatty acids. It is a helpful product for dry, delicate and sensitive skin. Rich in vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, has a mild geranium scent. This cream helps moisturise and revitalize sensitive skin around eyes.

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• Nourishing;
• Soothing;

This cream is made without parabens, lanolin, ethyl alcohol, petrochemicals, artificial perfumes, phthalates, and colorants.
It is the most sophisticated cream that nature can offer.

The mission of the Green People is to promote a healthy lifestyle and produce high-quality, organic, natural, and healthy products. The company supports health and environment protection charities.

Green People aims to manufacture products that are natural, certified organic and highly effective. The company continues to strive for excellence, creativity, and innovation without compromising the quality of their products. A list of all the ingredients for all the goods is provided explicitly for consumers to know what they buy exactly.

The Green People company, which has been operating for over 15 years, offers many products:
• Organic Babies and Organic Children: product lines for youngest family members.
• "Oy! Organic Young ": for teens and people in their twenties, specially adapted for their skin needs.
• Organic Homme: Men's Products.
• Neutral: products for sensitive skin.
• Natural face and body self-tanning products: self-tanning lotion and soft glow self-tanning OY! lotion
• The company has also developed comfortable packages for travels for sunscreens, even shampoos, and conditioners (100 ml or less) so that customers can keep them in their luggage and travel without worries!

Green People attestation:
• The Soil Association has confirmed that the products are environmentally-friendly;
• The Organic Food Federation has confirmed that the goods are organic;
• EcoCert has confirmed that the goods are organic;
• ISO 9001: 2008-Quality Management System

Manufacturer: Green People
Country of Origin: United Kingdom


Aqua (spring water), butyrospermum park (shea) butter *, helianthus annual (sunflower) seed oil *, ole europaea (olive) fruit oil *, glycerin * (vegetable derived), squalane (from olive oil), cetyl alcohol ( emulsifying plant wax), cetearil glucoside (plant derived emulsifier), cetearil alcohol (emulsifying plant wax), elaeis guineensis (palm) oil *, simmondsia chinensis (jojoba) seed oil *, glyceryl stearate (plant derived emulsifier), caesalpinia spinosa ( tara bush) gum, enteromorpha compressa (seaweed) extract, aloe barbadensis (aloe vera) leaf juice powder *, perilla frutescens (perilla) seed oil *, oenothera biennis (evening primrose) seed oil *, persea gratissima (avocado) oil *, baicalin (baical scullcap extract), rosmarine officinal (rosemary) leaf extract *, helichrysum stoechas (everlasting flower) extract *, althaea officinalis (marshmallow) root extract *, persace gratissima (avocado) oil unsaponifiables, propanediol (from corn starch), aroma [pelargonium graveolens (rose geranium ) oil * ^], hydrolysed jojoba esters (from jojoba oil), fucus vesiculosus (seaweed) extract, sodium stearoyl glutamate (plant derived emulsifier), citric acid, benzyl alcohol, salicylic acid, sorbic acid, geraniol *, citronellol *, linalol *, limonene *, citral *. * 87.9% oragnic certified ingredients. ^ Fairly traded.


Before going to sleep, cleanse your skin and apply this cream around your eyes with a gentle tapping motions. In winter use this cream for day and night.

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Visitors comments

Sveiki, Martyna,

Toks kremo poveikis nėra minimas prekės aprašyme.


Ar galima tikėtis, kad jis šviesins paakių odą?


Sveiki, paakių kremo mėginėlių neturime.


Labas, ar turit mėginėlių?


Įsigijau ir aš šitą kremuką - labai patiko: ir pakuotė, ir pats kremukas, ir jausmas juo pasitepus. Ryte nebūna pabrinkimų - nes šiap vengdavau naudoi paakių kremus, nes ryte atsikeldavai su pabrinkusiais paakiais, tai su šituo kremuku tokių problemų neturiu :)


jau gavome :)


Kada planuojate tureti sio kremo?


Sveiki, Neringa, žinoma, ir dieną naudojamas, jis turėtų poveikį, tačiau naktį, kai organizmas ilsisi miego metu, oda regeneruojasi aktyviau, ląstelės atsinaujina bei efektyviau veikia absorbuojamos medžiagos. :)


o, ar galiu naudoti ta krema ryte, pries makiaza? Siaip nakciai as naudoju ivairius aliejukus, o vat rytais man geriau va klausimas- gal nelabai tiks?? gal koks "stebuklas" vyksta nakti ji naudojant :) ?


"I love all your products especially the Fruitful Nights and Eye Cream. throughout the year people have always commented on my skin, and when they find out im 32 they are in shock!!! The best was being asked for id in the pub the other night!!"


I started using this eye cream some time ago and it has made such a difference to the skin under my eyes. It is so nurishing and makes the skin under the eye feel soft and I am sure a lot less wrinkles. It is a real bargain I think as it lasts for months.


"I just wanted to write to tell you how amazing I think your Eye Cream is. I'm ashamed to say that, before I discovered it, I had been paying nearly £80 for an eye cream. But I was desperately seeking one that didn't make my eyes puffy overnight or cause sore patches or give me more wrinkles than I already have and that didn't cost the earth - literally! And now I've found it.

Your eye cream is fantastic. I'm evangelical about it! I found it in my local health food shop and now I tell anyone who'll listen about how great it is. I've tried the Vita Min Fix too, which is also fabulous."


Aciu uz atsakyma


VERTIMAS: Phenoxyethanol yra konservantas, kurį naudojame tose savo produktų formulėse, kuriose galimas mikrobiologinis užkrėtimas, atsirandantis dėl didelio kiekio organinių produkto sudedamųjų dalių.
Šis ingridientas yra visiškai saugus. Jis greitai suyra ir turi minimalų poveikį aplinkai. Pagal Soil Association and Organic Food Federation nuostatas, Phenoxyethanol yra patvirtintas, kaip galimas naudoti sertifikuotoje ekologiškoje kosmetikoje. Mes ieškome tinkamų Phenoxyethanol pakaitalų, bet tai nėra lengva. Naujasis ingridientas turėtų suteikti apsaugą prieš mikrobus, būti saugus ir nesukeliantis uždegimų. Taip pat turėti minimalų poveikį aplinkai ir būti patvirtintas ekologiškus produktus sertifikuojančių įstaigų. Mes tęsime Phenoxyethanol pakaitalo paieškas, bet negalime pažadėti, kad tai bus pasiekta greitu metu


Green People gamintojo ats.: Phenoxyethanol is a preservative which we use in some of our formulations which are particularly at risk of microbial contamination due to high levels of organic ingredients. This ingredient is extremely safe and very well tolerated in topical products. It biodegrades readily and has minimal impact on the environment. It is also approved for use in certified organic cosmetics by both Soil Association and Organic Food Federation. We have been looking for suitable alternatives to Phenoxyethanol, but this is not an easy task.
Any alternative would have to offer broad-spectrum anti-microbial protection, be safe and non-irritating, have minimal environmental impact, and be approved by the organic certification bodies. It must also be compatible with all the other ingredients in each formulation. That is very difficult to achieve! We will continue in our search for a replacement to Phenoxyethanol, but can’t promise that this will be achieved in the near future.


o kaip del fenoksentanolio, tai juk nuodas

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Rejuvenating Eye Cream GREEN PEOPLE, 10 ml

Rejuvenating Eye Cream GREEN PEOPLE, 10 ml

An organic nourishing cream is rich in essential fatty acids. It is a helpful product for dry, delicate and sensitive skin. Rich in vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, has a mild geranium scent. This cream helps moisturise and revitalize sensitive skin around eyes.