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Menstrual cup BAMBOOZY, 1 pc (size L)

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Menstrual cup size L.

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A menstrual cup provides more comfort, is more durable and more hygienic compared to sanitary pads or tampons. Bamboozy Menstrual Cups are safe and made of the highest quality medical silicone. The natural shape of the menstrual cup provides better comfort and less irritation than other menstrual cups on the market.

Menstrual cups are designed to last for several years with proper care. This reduces the environmental impact of single-use menstrual products such as tampons and pads, which generate a lot of waste.

Menstrual cups come in different sizes and capacities to accommodate different flow levels. Users can choose the size that suits their needs and body type.

To use a menstrual cup, it is folded and inserted into the vagina, where it expands and adjusts to prevent leakage. To remove it, users gently bend the seal and pull it out, pouring the collected menstrual fluid into the toilet or sink.

Menstrual cups are hypoallergenic, making them less likely to cause skin irritation or allergic reactions compared to some disposable menstrual products.

One of the biggest advantages of the cup is that you can exercise, go to the sauna, swim, ride a bike, dance for hours and sleep through the night without any worries.
Why menstrual cups?

✔ No unnecessary waste generation

✔ Less chance of leakage

✔ No unpleasant smells

✔ Less susceptible to bacterial and fungal infections

✔ Absorbs up to 5 times more than a tampon

✔ Can be used throughout the menstrual cycle

✔ Natural curves and shapes for less irritation

✔ 100% medical silicone, RoHS, SGS 2021 certificates

✔ Free of BPA, lead, chemicals and plastics

✔ E-book for beginners

Manufacturer: Bamboozy
Country of origin: EU. Netherlands


We recommend size M for women aged 30 and younger who have not given birth. We recommend size L for women over 30 or women who have given birth.

How to insert the cup?

Step 1: Wash your hands thoroughly before use

Step 2: Bend the cup so that it forms a "C" shape

Step 3: Insert the cup, it is best to insert it horizontally

Step 4: The cup will unfold on its own (you may need to rotate it first)

Step 5: A properly placed cup creates a vacuum and prevents leakage

How to remove the cup?

Step 1: Wash your hands thoroughly

Step 2: Do not pull the cup by the stem, but squeeze the bottom of the cup and move it from side to side to break the vacuum

Step 3: Make sure the cup is upright

Step 4: Pour the contents down the toilet or sink

How to sterilize a cup?

After use, rinse the cup with running water. After the cycle, sterilize the cup using the included Bamboozy sterilizer, which is even suitable for sterilizing in the microwave.

Fill the sterilizer with water up to the first line. Place the cup with the stem up and close the lid. Do not close the lid all the way, but let it rest against the rim to allow steam to escape. Set the microwave oven for 1 minute at 1000 W. Caution! After sterilization, the sterilizer is hot! Allow to cool for a few minutes. Then your cup is ready to use again!

You can also sterilize the cup by boiling it in hot water. When the water boils, let the menstrual cup boil for 5-10 minutes. Be careful not to leave it unattended to avoid damaging the cup. Use tongs or a clean container to remove the cup from the boiling water. Allow the cup to cool before using or storing.

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Menstrual cup BAMBOOZY, 1 pc (size L)

Menstrual cup BAMBOOZY, 1 pc (size L)

Menstrual cup size L.