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Set of reusable cotton pads and bamboo holder BAMBOOZY

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Set of reusable cotton pads and bamboo holder.

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Reusable cotton pads are an eco-friendly alternative to disposable cotton pads. Can be washed and reused more than once.

Reusable cotton pads help reduce the amount of single-use waste generated from single-use cotton products. This is good for the environment, as it reduces the need for cotton production, the amount of plastic waste and saves resources.

Reusable cotton pads are designed to be soft and gentle on skin. They are suitable for various skin care procedures, including makeup removal, toning and cleansing.
The set also includes 4 (looped) cotton pads for stubborn make-up. Our scrubbing discs are made using a superior manufacturing process that allows us to produce discs with smaller and more durable cotton loops. This gives the floppy an advantage because they will clog less, fluff up and be more durable.

The 8cm disk size is ideal - not too big to be unwieldy and not too small to be ineffective. With 3 layers, the discs retain their shape better. The stitching pattern prevents the discs from sliding over each other and does a slightly better job of removing makeup.

A convenient notch (pocket) for the fingers allows you to hold cotton pads more comfortably than regular pads. This way, you have more surface area to remove the make-up, you can apply more pressure where you need it, and you won't have dirty fingers.
These disks can be washed and used more than once. Reusable cotton pads are designed to be durable and will last a long time with proper care, which can even save you money in the long run compared to buying disposable cotton pads on a regular basis.

Reusable cotton pads are compact and easy to pack, making them a convenient choice for travel. You can use them with your favorite skin care products when you travel.

The set also includes the original and well-known bamboo holder with an extra large opening. The large opening makes it easy to grab reusable cotton pads.

✔ No unnecessary waste generation

✔ Great quality thanks to 4 layers of cotton pads

✔ 12 washable cotton pads for daily use (also for eyes and lips)

✔ 4 washable scrubbing cotton pads for persistent make-up (small, strong loop technique)

✔ The pads have a notch (pocket) for fingers

✔ Both sides can be used

✔ Extremely gentle, but effective for removing make-up

✔ Larger than regular cotton pads

✔ 100% cotton laundry bag

✔ Biodegradable packaging

✔ 100% bamboo holder with a convenient, large opening

✔ Email a book with detailed instructions and tips

Manufacturer: Bamboozy
Country of origin: EU. Netherlands

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Set of reusable cotton pads and bamboo holder BAMBOOZY

Set of reusable cotton pads and bamboo holder BAMBOOZY

Set of reusable cotton pads and bamboo holder.