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Stainless steel bronze razor with blades (20 pcs.) BAMBOOZY, 1 pc.

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Stainless steel, bronze color, reusable razor with blades.

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Stainless steel is known for its strength and resistance to rust and corrosion. This makes stainless steel razors durable and long-lasting as they can withstand the effects of humidity in the bathroom.

This stainless steel shaver has an elegant look which makes it attractive to many people. It can be a stylish addition to your daily hygiene routine.

A stainless steel razor is more environmentally friendly because, unlike disposable blades, it is reusable and does not create as much waste. Stainless steel blades can be recycled, which reduces the negative impact on the environment compared to disposable plastic razors.

Stainless steel razors are more expensive compared to disposable razors, but they are much more durable, making them a better and more economical investment in your daily routine in the long run because you won't have to replace them as often.

Stainless steel razors are known for their weight and balance, which makes shaving comfortable and easy to control. With this shaver, you will have less skin irritation and no ingrown hairs that are common with cartridge or electric shavers. The main advantage is that there is always only one blade against the skin when using this razor. The less contact your blade makes with your skin, the more enjoyable your shaving routine will be.

✔ Top quality zinc and metal from Sweden

✔ Better shaving results, smoother skin, less irritation and ingrown hairs

✔ Save up to 200 euros per year

✔ No plastic waste, the blade is 100% stainless steel

✔ Contains 20 sharp platinum blades with anti-corrosion coating

✔ With responsible care, the razor will last a lifetime

✔ Fits perfectly in any modern bathroom

Manufacturer: Bamboozy
Country of origin: EU. Netherlands.


Proper maintenance is essential to keep your stainless steel razor in good condition. It is recommended to thoroughly rinse the shaver after each use to remove shaving cream residue, hair and soap scum. Drying and storing the razor in a dry place can help prevent unwanted corrosion.

When choosing a stainless steel razor, consider your shaving preferences, budget, and maintenance options. With proper care, a stainless steel razor can provide a comfortable and efficient shave.

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Stainless steel bronze razor with blades (20 pcs.) BAMBOOZY, 1 pc.

Stainless steel bronze razor with blades (20 pcs.) BAMBOOZY, 1 pc.

Stainless steel, bronze color, reusable razor with blades.