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Organic walnuts EKO PLANET, 600 g

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Pleasant taste organic walnuts can be not only delicious, but also a nutritious addition to your daily diet.

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Walnuts are the edible seeds of trees of the genus Juglans. The latter are among the most popular and widely consumed nuts in the world.

Walnuts have a hard, wrinkled shell that encloses an edible kernel or seed. The body is usually round or oval and can be of various sizes. The inner core is light in color and has a distinctive brain-like shape. The kernel of the nut is creamy and has a slightly bitter taste. It has a crunchy texture, making it a popular choice for both snacking and cooking. Walnuts are usually harvested in the fall, when the green outer shell of the nut begins to split to reveal the hard shell. The nuts are then removed from the shell and dried before consumption.

Organic walnuts are grown and produced using organic farming methods. Organic farming is an approach to agriculture that emphasizes sustainability, environmental responsibility, and the avoidance of synthetic chemicals, genetically modified organisms (GMOs), and artificial additives. Usually, in order to protect nuts from pests and keep them as long as possible, they are exposed to artificial chemicals - pesticides, and as you know, many pesticides are toxic and dangerous to human health. For this reason, it is important to choose certified, organic products.

Organic walnuts are highly nutritious and a good source of healthy fats, especially polyunsaturated fats (including omega-3 fatty acids), protein, fiber, vitamins (such as vitamin E and B vitamins) and minerals (such as magnesium and potassium). They are also known for their antioxidant properties. Consuming these nuts regularly can lead to improved heart health, reduced inflammation, better brain function, and possible weight management benefits. The omega-3 fatty acids in walnuts are especially beneficial for heart health.

Walnuts are versatile and can be used in a variety of culinary applications. They are commonly used in baking to add flavor and texture to cookies, cakes, and breads. Walnuts are also a popular ingredient in salads, where their crunch complements other ingredients. They can also be ground into a paste to make walnut butter or used as a topping for oatmeal and yogurt.

Storage conditions: Due to the high fat content, walnuts can turn rancid if not stored properly. It is recommended to store them in an airtight container in the refrigerator or freezer to prolong their freshness.

In addition to being delicious, walnuts can be a nutritious addition to your daily diet, but of course only when consumed in moderation. Enjoyed in both sweet and savory dishes around the world, walnuts are a popular choice for healthy snacks.

Manufacturer: UAB EKO PLANET
Country of origin: Non EU


Ingredients: organic walnuts.

Nutritional value

Nutritional values per 100 g

Energy 2906kJ/ 704 kcal
Fat 68 g
- of them satiated 5,9 g
Carbohydrate 3,5 g
      - of which sugars 2,2 g
Fiber 5,2 g
Protein 17 g
Salt <0.01 g


Walnuts are versatile and can be used in a variety of culinary applications. Not only are they delicious, but they're packed with nutrients like omega-3 fatty acids, antioxidants, and vitamins. Here are some ways you can use walnuts in your cooking and eating:

Snacks: Eat them as a simple and healthy snack.

Baked goods: Chopped walnuts are a favorite in baked goods such as cookies, brownies, muffins and muffins. They provide a nice crunch and earthy pleasure.

Breakfast: Sprinkle chopped walnuts over morning oatmeal, yogurt, or porridge for added texture and nutrition. Add walnuts to pancake or waffle batter for a nutty twist on breakfast treats.

Salad: Add whole or chopped walnuts to salad. They go well with leafy greens, fruit and cheese.

Toast: Toast the walnuts in the oven on the stove to further highlight and enhance their goodness. spread them on a baking sheet and bake at 350°F (175°C) for about 8-10 minutes or until the nuts are just fragrant and just golden. Be careful not to overcook them as they can burn quickly.

Sauces and pesto: Add walnuts to sauces or pesto to get a creamy nut nut. They are perfect in pasta sauces, salad dressings and basil pesto.

Stuffing: Use chopped walnuts in recipes for poultry or vegetable stuffing. They provide a great crunch and earthy sound.

Garnish: Sprinkle crushed walnuts over soups, stews, or grilled vegetables for added texture and appetizing information.

Walnut Butter: Make homemade walnut butter by grinding roasted walnuts in a food processor until they are creamy. you can add honey or cinnamon for extra flavor.

Smoothies: Add a handful of walnuts to your smoothies. It gonna add creaminess and nutritional value to your meal.

By adding walnuts in your diet, you will get a healthy source of fat, protein and various essential nutrients.

Remember to store walnuts in an airtight container in the fridge or freezer to keep them fresh, as they can easily go rancid due to their high oil content when left in the room for a long time.

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Organic walnuts EKO PLANET, 600 g

Organic walnuts EKO PLANET, 600 g

Pleasant taste organic walnuts can be not only delicious, but also a nutritious addition to your daily diet.