Tongue Cleaner COPPER, 1 psc

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Regular cleaning of the tongue helps to get rid of bacteria, reduces bad breath, improves taste sensors.

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Regular tongue cleaning helps:

  • get rid of the many bacteria that cause various oral diseases such as caries, stomatitis and so on.
  • reduce bad breath.
  • improve taste sensors that have been diminished by tongue plaque.
  • According to Ayurveda, the need for food not only suppresses the need for food but also nourishes the mind and the senses of taste. It is claimed that when the taste perception is dull, it promotes overeating and overweight.

The tongue should be cleaned twice a day by brushing your teeth. It is very important to clean your tongue in the evening before going to bed, as overnight food residue on the tongue rots very quickly.

Manufacturer: China.

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